MYNE Homes - The smartest way to your own dream vacation home!
We want to give more people the opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning their own vacation property! From our own experience, we know how difficult the search, purchase and maintenance of vacation properties can be - whether at home or abroad. In addition, most vacation properties are used by the owners themselves for an average of only 6 to 10 weeks per year. Despite this, however, owners have had to bear the entire purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs on their own until now. MYNE changes this! With our innovative principle of MYNE co-ownership, two to eight co-owners with complementary usage wishes jointly own their dream vacation property and share usage and costs. The selected MYNE properties are characterized by their special location, stylish furnishings and high-quality equipment down to the teaspoon. Each property is designed for year-round use and is suitable for families, couples and singles. Perfect as a vacation home, second home or home office. Simply arrive, switch off and enjoy, because MYNE takes care of everything: Starting with the value-oriented management of your property, the coordination of all service providers and the provision of your personal belongings to the cleaning and refilling of the refrigerator. You have further wishes?! No problem! We call it the MYNE all-round carefree service! For MYNE, the combination of emotional and financial return is what counts, and so MYNE co-owners naturally benefit from the appreciation of their property. Over the past years, high-quality vacation properties have proven to be a crisis-resistant investment with attractive value development. By selecting the right properties as well as a structured acquisition, development and management process, we ensure that MYNE properties can develop in value in the best possible way. We would be pleased if MYNE could also help you to fulfill your dream of owning your own vacation property!
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"A recent study by the auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY) found that [co-ownership] gives 19 times more people access to ownership of high-end holiday properties than before."

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"MYNE Homes offers luxury holiday homes at rock bottom prices."

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"MYNE Homes aims to make select holiday homes more affordable."

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The idea of MYNE means: seven-figure prospects for a five-figure sum.

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"Those who own it themselves and do not just rent it but profit from its appreciation in value. This is strong at sought-after destinations. [...] Holiday homes are also a financial investment."

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The clients acquire a share in a specific property, which they can also resell.

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“When the wish of owning your own holiday property becomes reality.”

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“The real estate market is large and fragmented and thus very confusing for small investors. [...] Digital platforms help to overcome these barriers and give direct access to a new target group.”

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"Unlike timeshare [...], the buyer becomes co-owner of the respective holiday property here."

The smartest way to own a second home

Real estate ownership for 1/8 of the price

Save money on purchase and maintenance

You only pay for the share of the property that you actually use.

Vacation with appreciation potential

High quality vacation homes in popular locations have historically shown attractive appreciation potential

Hassle-free ownership

We take care of the management and maintenance of your property.

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