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Drive way of a Mediterranean town villa with plenty of plants and palm trees.
Would you like exclusive access to more dream holiday properties?
Ett smart sätt att investera i ett andra hem

För en åttondel av kostnaden kan du använda ditt andra hem 75% av de dagar du önskar, 44 dagar om året.

Semesterboenden i utvalda regioner

Hitta ditt andra hem i de attratkivaste regionerna i Europa.

Ta del av den potentiella värdetuppgången

Historiskt sett har det varit en bra investering att äga sin Semesterbostad.

Allt är klart för dig!

Vi håller ditt hem i toppskick och erbjuder service som gör att du kan njuta av din vistelse fullt ut!

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Hur fungerar MYNE?
MYNE bygger på principen om "förvaltat delägarskap", som redan är utbredd i USA, och gör det möjligt att ha ditt drömsemesterboende - till en bråkdel av kostnaden och med heltäckande, bekymmersfri service. Bara att anlända och njuta. Ta reda på mer i vår video.
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Julian S.
"Worry-free holidays with MYNE service"
We are happy to have been able to call a beautiful property on Mallorca our own through MYNE for almost a year now. The on-site service allows us to fully enjoy our holiday.
Thomas B.
"The concept and the quality has inspired us".
We bought the first share at the Baltic Sea already a year ago and were very happy with our decision after the first stays. The concept and the quality of the property excited us. At the beginning of the year, we fell in love with another property in Austria and bought a share here as well. Now we have a small portfolio in different locations.
Ute F.
"I just love everything about this house"
I just love everything about this house: the traditional and high-quality design, the FengSui view of the mountains and the valley, the direct connection to the ski area and nature, the carefree package by MYNE*. *(formerly VillaCircle)
Constanze R.
"Great communication"
Very comfortable. The communication, for example regarding arrival and departure, worked very well - thank you very much!
Michael D.
"Worked out great all the way"
The sale of my own house to MYNE* went really well all round. From the first second on, the interaction was professional and led to a basis of trust that one could only wish for. The process was goal-oriented and structured, the handling at all times evoked trust. Even after the purchase was completed, MYNE* continued to be a reliable partner for clarifying open points. *(formerly VillaCircle)
Dorian H.
"MYNE own home"
A home away from home. Wonderful!
Esther R.
"This is how our stays become a real holiday".
Thank you very much for all the information. We are really glad that you are taking care of everything on site. This makes our stays a real holiday.
Markus L.
"Arrive and enjoy"
I have never spent a night as relaxing as in my new holiday home. "Arrive and enjoy" - that's exactly how it felt for me.
Alfred G.
"Everything top prepared"
We spent wonderfully relaxing days here in Sa Rapita! We had already fallen in love with the property when we went for the viewing in February. But now, as owners, it was a different experience. MYNE* prepared everything perfectly, it was super clean and the pleasant smell of the house welcomed us. *(formerly VillaCircle)
Familie Feig
"MYNE cosy home"
Sports, mountains, sun and MYNE cosy home - pure relaxation at the weekend
Beställ informationsmaterial
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"A recent study by the auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY) found that [co-ownership] gives 19 times more people access to ownership of high-end holiday properties than before."

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"MYNE Homes offers luxury holiday homes at rock bottom prices."

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"MYNE Homes aims to make select holiday homes more affordable."

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The idea of MYNE means: seven-figure prospects for a five-figure sum.

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"Those who own it themselves and do not just rent it but profit from its appreciation in value. This is strong at sought-after destinations. [...] Holiday homes are also a financial investment."

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The clients acquire a share in a specific property, which they can also resell.

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“When the wish of owning your own holiday property becomes reality.”

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“The real estate market is large and fragmented and thus very confusing for small investors. [...] Digital platforms help to overcome these barriers and give direct access to a new target group.”

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"Unlike timeshare [...], the buyer becomes co-owner of the respective holiday property here."

Large infinity pool with turquoise water in which a man on the edge contemplates the view of hedges and trees.  At the edge of the pool are bright folded umbrellas.

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