What's MYNE Co-Ownership

With our innovative principle of MYNE co-ownership, 2 to 8 co-owners with complementary usage wishes jointly own their dream vacation home and share usage, costs and rental income. Arrive, switch off and enjoy. MYNE takes care of everything else.

How does MYNE work?
Based on the principle of "Managed Co-Ownership", which is already widespread in the USA, MYNE makes the dream of owning your own dream vacation home possible - at a fraction of the cost and with all-round carefree service. Simply arrive and enjoy. Find out more in our video.
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Low costs

Prices for vacation homes in popular locations have risen enormously in recent years. So have the ongoing costs of running and maintaining properties. With MYNE co-ownership, each co-owner bears only the proportionate purchase and maintenance costs.

Flexible use

The owners statistically use the typical vacation home for only 6-10 weeks per year. A significant portion of homes sit vacant the rest of the year. This is not good for the home, local communities, or the environment.

Arrive & enjoy

Taking care of vacation homes often requires more effort due to the physical distance and the diversity of languages, legal and tax systems. MYNE handles everything, from professional purchase and management to value-oriented property maintenance.

Properties for year-round use

All MYNE homes are located in regions with good infrastructure (gastronomy, etc.) all year round. In addition, all homes are equipped for year-round use, for example, with a pool, sauna, fitness area and fireplace.

Co-owners with complimentary usage requests

MYNE brings together owners with complementary usage requirements. For example, families with school-age children from different federal states share a property with childless couples or families whose children have already left home.

The MYNE reservation system - simple & fair

With its transparent reservation rules, the MYNE reservation system ensures flexible use with fair distribution among co-owners with complementary usage requests.

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Professional purchase, including handling of legal and tax matters

Professional management & value-oriented maintenance of your property

Coordination with all co-owners, service providers and authorities

24/7 MYNE service for all questions & concerns via phone, email & WhatsApp

Concierge services such as shopping services or travel organization

01 | You choose your dream home

Selection of high-quality holiday homes and apartments in Europe’s most popular holiday regions.

02 | We invite you to a consultation

In the next step, we will invite you to a consultation in which we will answer all your questions about our concept of "managed co-ownership."

03 | You experience your dream home up close

You arrange a viewing – by video or on-site. We invite you!

04 | You acquire real property ownership in a share deal

You are the real owner of the share deal and participate in the value development of your property according to your share.

05 | You can enjoy your second home carefree

MYNE oversees your home's professional and value-oriented management, including coordinating all co-owners.

06 | Your gateway to a world of dream vacation homes

Upon request, you can swap stays with other MYNE co-owners and discover and enjoy other homes under MYNE management.

"My, your, our holiday home. The startup MYNE allows customers to buy a share in a holiday home online. Now the proptech is acquiring competitor Villacircle."

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"Luxury holiday home start-up Myne buys rival for several million. The Berlin-based company wants to expand in Europe and emulate the US success with its holiday home sharing model. The acquisition of Villa Circle should help them grow."

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"The idea of MYNE means: seven-figure prospects for a five-figure sum."

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"MYNE sells shares in luxury holiday homes [...], MYNE customers do not rent properties like on Airbnb, but acquire shared property with other people. The portfolio includes thatched-roof houses on the Baltic Sea, loft flats on Ibiza and chalets in the Austrian mountains. Myne looks for and buys these holiday properties, users can then participate from 50,000 euros - that's the idea."

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“When the wish of owning your own holiday property becomes reality.”

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"MYNE Homes aims to make select holiday homes more affordable."

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The Berlin real estate start-up MYNE is taking over its German competitor VillaCircle. MYNE sells shares in holiday properties and was able to raise 23.5 million euros from investors last year (Tagesspiegel reported). The acquired company VillaCircle, [...] offers shares in holiday destinations in Spain, Austria, Germany and France...

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"Those who own it themselves and do not just rent it but profit from its appreciation in value. This is strong at sought-after destinations. [...] Holiday homes are also a financial investment."

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"How exactly does your business model work? - Our business model makes it possible to share the acquisition and maintenance costs of the holiday properties proportionally among co-owners and at the same time to achieve an ideal occupancy rate of the property..."

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"MYNE wants to enable more Germans to own their own holiday home with "Managed Co-Ownership". To do this, they bring people together to share ownership. Their promise: "We make it easier than ever for people to own a high-quality holiday property at home or abroad in a value-optimised way.""

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“The real estate market is large and fragmented and thus very confusing for small investors. [...] Digital platforms help to overcome these barriers and give direct access to a new target group.”

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MYNE Co-Ownership
Time Share

You receive genuine real estate ownership in a share deal with land register security.

With a timeshare, you acquire only rights of use, no ownership.

Value development

You participate proportionally in the value development of your vacation property.

You will not profit from any increase in the value of the property.


As a Co-Owner, you naturally have a right of co-determination in matters concerning your vacation home.

You have no right of co-determination in matters concerning the property.


As a co-owner, you can sell your share freely at any time at the market price through us or a broker without any complications.

Sales of timeshare interests are often complicated and lengthy.

Co-Ownership suits you, if…

You want to use your vacation home for 1 to 6 months yearly.

You only want to bear the costs of purchasing and maintaining your vacation home according to your usage.

You would rather relax and enjoy your vacation home than worry about management, maintenance and upkeep.

You want effortless real estate ownership in different locations at home and abroad.

You want to combine emotional and financial returns.

Co-Ownership will not suit you, if…

You plan to spend more than 6 months per year in your vacation home.

You plan to make your vacation home your main residence in the future.

You want to take care of your property’s ancillary costs, maintenance and upkeep.

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