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MYNE co-ownership promises a hassle-free experience

How can you enjoy the best time of the year in your holiday property without always having a multitude of restrictions and obligations in mind? What is already established as managed co-ownership in the USA, we bring to Europe with MYNE: an innovative variant of the co-ownership model, specially adapted to European legal and tax systems. With us, you can realise your dream of owning your own holiday property. At the same time, we guarantee individual use: completely stress- and worry-free. We show you why MYNE co-ownership of a holiday villa promises carefree relaxation.

Carefree Ownership of your own holiday home

MYNE takes care of all aspects of property acquisition. We offer you a select portfolio of premium properties in Europe's top locations, which have been screened in advance by our team. This saves you the time-consuming search for suitable offers and the filtering out of dubious advertisements.

Acquire property at a fraction of the cost

A major hurdle for many who dream of owning their own holiday home? The costs. You want high-quality, luxurious property and quickly realise: the ideas of your dream property do not match the available capital. At MYNE, we make it possible to bring your desire for your own holiday property into perfect harmony with calculable feasibility. Secure high-quality property for a fraction of the investment amount normally required. Decide for yourself how many shares you would like to buy.

MYNE Co-Ownership: Your own holiday home without stress and worries

You have spotted your dream property and would now like to turn your attention to the purchase process. Normally, you are faced with a multitude of tasks and obligations at this point. MYNE takes care of these for you. We take care of the inspection of the property as well as the entire purchase process. In doing so, we draw on our network of professional lawyers, estate agents, experts and tax advisors. You acquire your indirect property simply and comprehensibly via a German property company (GmbH & Co KG) with German contracts. With the help of our lawyers and tax advisors, we take care of all the necessary tasks. Meanwhile, you enjoy your well-deserved rest.

Furnishing your own holiday home

Setting up your own holiday home can take a lot of time. Wouldn't it be ideal if instead you could start using your newly acquired holiday property from day 1 and feel at home? MYNE makes it possible. We work with professional interior architects and designers to do all the furnishing and decorating of the homes. In doing so, we take into account the style of the respective location. Our claim: We create a luxurious environment where you can enjoy your holiday at the highest level.

Management of your holiday property by MYNE

Maintaining a property is a real challenge for many holiday homeowners. Generally, you spend a few weeks a year in your second home. In fact, most holiday properties are used for less than 10 weeks a year. Nevertheless, without MYNE, as a buyer you have to pay the full purchase price on your own and cover 100% of the running costs. After purchasing a holiday property, you will then need a whole network of helpers for the ongoing operation, maintenance and cleaning. Do you want to spend a large part of your well-deserved time in the holiday property with such annoying hurdles? MYNE co-ownership allows you time for personal rest and relaxation instead! We take care of the entire management as well as all services required around your holiday property.

Maintenance of the holiday property

At MYNE, we take care of all maintenance services and regular cleaning of the property for the owners. In doing so, we rely on trustworthy partners with many years of experience and engage local property managers, always in the interests of the owners, of course. You can find more information on the general maintenance of a holiday property and the running costs in our article "Buying your own holiday home: Advantages and disadvantages"

Overview and transparency with MYNE Co-Ownership

Any operating costs such as property management, taxes, maintenance or even repairs are passed on transparently and without surcharges directly to the owners. The expenses of co-ownership are shared among the owners according to their respective shares. In addition, owners pay a monthly fee of 99 EUR to MYNE, which covers the administration of the limited liability company, ongoing customer support and the operation of the technology. All statements can be viewed transparently with individual access to our MYNE app.

Arrive and enjoy: Our on-site service

Your relationship with MYNE does not end with the completion of your purchase. Our service team prepares the villa for your stay before your arrival. For example, we offer owners many optional services such as an airport pick-up, a personalised concierge service or additional cleanings. Do you have any questions during or after your stay? We are here for you!

Our innovative owner app

We bring the principle of sharing, co-ownership and service into the 21st century! Plan and reserve your stay in a relaxed and carefree way via our innovative owner app. Our principle: flexible, simple and fair for everyone! By the way, we take different travel interests and holiday periods into account when selecting owners. Our owner app takes into account the individual preferences of each owner. The easy-to-use system guarantees a fair distribution of stays among the co-owners, as well as long-term planning security and short-term reservations of unused periods. In addition, our service staff on site are connected to the owner app and are automatically informed of your arrival so that everything is perfectly prepared for you. With a simple click, you can reserve additional services or get in direct contact with us or your villa manager at any time.

Worry-free relaxation through MYNE Co-Ownership of a holiday property

Have we aroused your curiosity? Send us your preferences and enter your name in our customer list free of charge and without obligation. Alternatively, you can also take a direct look at currently available properties. We look forward to accompanying you in the stress-free and carefree purchase of a dream holiday property.


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