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Chalet owners share their first impressions

Our potential clients often ask my colleagues and me whether we actually keep in touch with our co-owners after the purchase, and how this takes place. I'm happy to tell you about it, because in addition to our home managers, who take care of the operational contact, I also continue to be in contact with my clients. Our chalet not far from Kitzbühel was the first actual property at MYNE. I was quickly talking to a lot of people about this wonderful property - no wonder, I would have loved to have a share in the chalet myself.

To say one thing in advance: I am still in a familiar exchange with all the owners. You build up a relationship in the time from the first phone call to the purchase of the property. At the latest, after we have been on site together to inspect the property, you know the exact requirements, preferences and also critical topics regarding the property selection. What pleased me most then was that all the owners contacted me again during or after their first stay to tell me about their experiences in their second home. Now, you might think that a chalet like this is only used for skiing in winter anyway - far from it. In addition to customers who have already celebrated Christmas in the snow with their families, other owners were happy about the good weather in March, especially for hiking. The most recent owner travels to the chalet in May with her husband and some friends. Together they go on all-day mountain bike tours in the Alps. She is already looking forward to doing a few mails at the breakfast table, with a view of the breathtaking mountain landscape, before she can then fully indulge in her hobby.

I am impressed that our clients have so internalised the change from the old concept of holidays, working from the chalet and still being able to enjoy the holidays. I am also positively surprised that Austria and chalet do not automatically have to mean winter holidays. It's nice to see how well our concept works in reality, and how "just" one place can become a happy place for as many as eight owners. With the permission of my clients from Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, I may share a few private pictures and words about their holidays at the Chalet.

"I haven't been so relaxed as here for the last ten years".

"A chalet was always my dream, with co-ownership it finally became a reality."

"The mountains are the perfect place for me to relax in the summer and of course a hotspot for skiing in the winter."

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