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Nikolaus Thomale & Fabian Löhmer, MYNE Founders

Fulfilling dreams

"We want to give more people the opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning a vacation property!"

From our own experience, we know what hurdles there are in the purchase and use of vacation properties. Most vacation properties are used by the owners themselves for only 8 to 10 weeks per year. Nevertheless, owners have to bear the entire purchase price as well as the running costs alone until now. We are changing this! With our innovative principle of MYNE co-ownership, 2 to 8 owners with complementary usage needs jointly own their dream vacation property and share the costs.
MYNE Homes

Our houses and apartments are characterized by their special location, stylish furnishings and high-quality equipment. Each property is designed for year-round use and is equally suitable as a vacation home, a second home and a home office for families, couples and singles.

MYNE Service

We take care of everything: from the professional valuation of properties to renovation and furnishing to value-oriented management and coordination of all service providers. MYNE co-owners can simply arrive and enjoy their home away from home.

MYNE Lifestyle

Real estate ownership that is oriented to your needs. Your own property on the beach or on the ski slope? Why not both! Easier, more affordable and more flexible than ever before, with the potential to increase in value. That is the MYNE Lifestyle.

Fabian Löhmer, Founder & Managing Director at MYNE
Fabian Löhmer

Founder & Managing Director

Fabian Loehmer studied business administration at WHU in Vallendar and Kobe Daigaku in Japan. He has been active as both an entrepreneur and investor in the technology and real estate sectors for 13 years. Mr. Loehmer sold his first company to Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland in 2015. At MYNE, Mr. Loehmer is primarily responsible for marketing and sales.

Nikolaus Thomale, Founder & Managing Director at MYNE
Nikolaus Thomale

Founder & Managing Director

Nikolaus Thomale studied law at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and Tel Aviv. He is the founder and CEO of several technology companies. In 2017, he sold his company Jura-Online to the publishing group Otto Schmidt and has since invested in other companies in the technology sector. At MYNE, Mr. Thomale is primarily responsible for structuring and platform operations.

Philipp Wagmann, Founder Asset Managment atMYNE
Philipp Wagmann

Founder Asset Management

Philipp Wagmann studied Real Estate Economics and Finance at Cass Business School London. He gained extensive experience at Lone Star Funds, one of the world's leading private equity funds in the field of Acquisitions & Asset Management in London. Mr. Wagmann is also a developer and investor of real estate projects in Portugal. At MYNE, Mr. Wagmann is responsible for Asset Management and Real Estate Operations.

Moritz Vossenberg, Founder Technology at MYNE
Moritz Vossenberg

Founder Technology

Moritz Vossenberg studied computer science at the TU Berlin. He subsequently worked as a lead software engineer for the McKinsey Digital Lab, among others. Mr. Vossenberg is also CTO and co-founder of two technology companies. At MYNE, Mr. Vossenberg is responsible for the areas of technology and platform.

Dr Nikolai Jäger, Founder Structuring & Finance at MYNE
Dr. Nikolai Jäger

Founder Structuring & Financing

Dr. Nikolai Jäger studied business administration in Bamberg and Barcelona and earned his doctorate in entrepreneurship and innovation in Aachen. Dr. Jäger acquired his extensive expertise in finance and real estate, among other things, in investment banking at Dresdner Kleinwort in Frankfurt, in asset management at American Heritage in New York, and in real estate transaction services at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Frankfurt and Berlin. Dr. Jäger is also active as a project developer and investor for residential and hotel properties.

Hakan Koç, Founder & CEO at Auto1
Hakan Koç

Founder & CEO, Auto1

"MYNE Homes fits in perfectly with the times. 90 percent vacancies in holiday properties are completely inefficient. You can solve this problem with technology and strong founders. MYNE Homes has created a new form of ownership."

Christian Gaiser, Founder & CEO at numa
Christian Gaiser

Founder & CEO, numa (formerly COSI Group)

"The travel market is changing radically and is reacting to the changing lifestyles and demands of a younger generation. It is becoming increasingly important for these customers to feel at home in different locations around the world - MYNE co-ownership is ideally suited for this."

Alexander Artopé, Founder & CEO at Smava
Alexander Artopé

Founder & CEO, Smava

"The low interest rates make MYNE co-ownership of holiday properties an attractive investment."

Motive Ventures

Leading European FinTech investment fund

In an exceedingly fragmented market with diverse stakeholders, technology is critical to successful cross-border real estate investment. This is where MYNE Homes is building a unique platform.

Rivus capital logo
Rivus Capital

Early-stage investor with a focus on PropTech

The potential for the European Co-Ownership market is significant. We support MYNE Homes in becoming the leading provider on our continent.

Scope Hanson logo
Scope Hanson

Early-stage investor with a focus on PropTech and Consumer facing businesses

MYNE is an innovative and successful business model that enables more people to own real estate.

Welt am Sonntag logo

"A recent study by the auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY) found that [co-ownership] gives 19 times more people access to ownership of high-end holiday properties than before."

Business Insider Logo

"MYNE Homes offers luxury holiday homes at rock bottom prices."

Frankfurter Rundshau logo

"MYNE Homes aims to make select holiday homes more affordable."

Business punk logo

The idea of MYNE means: seven-figure prospects for a five-figure sum.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung logo

"Those who own it themselves and do not just rent it but profit from its appreciation in value. This is strong at sought-after destinations. [...] Holiday homes are also a financial investment."

Handelsblatt logo

The clients acquire a share in a specific property, which they can also resell.

Wallstreet Online logo

“When the wish of owning your own holiday property becomes reality.”

t3n logo

“The real estate market is large and fragmented and thus very confusing for small investors. [...] Digital platforms help to overcome these barriers and give direct access to a new target group.”

Wirtschafts Woche logo

"Unlike timeshare [...], the buyer becomes co-owner of the respective holiday property here."

Stone house on a meadow landscape with covered entrance area. The sky is cloudless and in the distance are trees and a hilly terrain.

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